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Just imagine…STEM Outreach at your school!

Just imagine a high-energy demonstration using liquid nitrogen, plasma globes, strong magnets, lasers, and diffraction-lensed rainbow glasses engaging students and staff at your organization, bringing STEM concepts to life. NIU STEM Outreach can do all this and more. Programs include It’s Not Magic; It’s Science! (Grades K-2) Iintroduce younger audiences to the wonders of science.…

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Creating Creatures of the Deep

Originally posted on SMARTspace@NIU:
Learn about the interesting biology and physiology of living organisms in the sea/ocean.  Examine fascinating sea and ocean creatures and discuss why they have certain features, possibly for protection, to survive in their environment, or to catch prey.  Analyze the habitats of the creatures and why their physical traits help…

STEMfest School Bus

It’s Better by the Bus!

Start planning now to bring a bus of students and parents to STEMfest 2014! Experience hundreds of hands-on activities, talk with scientists, and enjoy the liquid nitrogen demo show without the concerns of driving or parking. Register your group today!